How To Sell Your Home When You Have Problem Neighbours

Dated: March 3 2021

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You’ve got the perfect house for sale – good for a family, accessible to essential establishments, and can surely suit the lifestyle of your potential buyers. You are pretty sure that this kind of property will be easy to sell. But there is one problem that you weren’t able to consider – “bad” neighbours.

Having bad neighbours can contribute to the stress of selling your home. Bad neighbours can be those who do not respect privacy, noisy neighbours, rude neighbours, neighbours who don’t maintain their homes, those who are involved in illegal activities, and many more.

Like other real estate problems, there are many ways on how you can deal with these “bad” neighbours.


Once you decide to sell your house, don’t hesitate to let your agent know about any problems with the property including any problematic neighbours. With their years of experience, your real estate agent can give you sound advice and help you deal with this problem more effectively.

Before trying to solve the problem on your own, seek advice from your agent first. Your actions on your own might backfire and might give you a harder time selling your house.


Try to meet and discuss your problems with your neighbour. This might not be possible for more serious or deeply rooted feuds, but it could work for those who have lighter problems such as noise and parking disputes.

Approach your neighbours in a diplomatic manner and try to smooth things over. You can even offer them a small treat or token as appreciation. Let them know that you genuinely want to fix any wounds and differences in your past and that you want to have a more positive relationship with them.


Be upfront and transparent with your buyers. This will help them gauge the problem and avoid any awkward situations with your neighbours when they visit the house for inspection.

Letting your buyers know about your situation will also help build trust in you as their seller. This will come in handy in negotiations and in closing the sale.


One of the causes of disputes among neighbours is the boundary. I’m talking about the land that is being occupied by your property. In some cases, the branches of a tree in a neighbour’s garden goes beyond your fence. Hence, occupying space in your property. Other times, disputes are caused by the dividing fences.

To avoid possible problems, set boundaries. Coordinate with your neighbour regarding the building of your fence and ensure that it is within your legal boundary. Most people prefer to have something that separates their property from their neighbours. And of course, buyers want something that looks pleasing and is in good condition.


If you’re being bothered by your neighbours’ activities, check if it’s legal. However, since getting involved with their business might also be an invasion of privacy, it is best to seek help from your real estate agent and consult with your local authority on how to deal with this kind of situation.


Remember that you need to keep things diplomatic no matter how you feel about your neighbours. Don’t get carried away by your emotions. Be objective in dealing with this problem. When the problem persists or worsens, don’t be afraid to ask for legal help.

Follow these steps to lessen your stress in selling your house and help future homeowners have a peaceful stay at their new home.

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How To Sell Your Home When You Have Problem Neighbours

You’ve got the perfect house for sale – good for a family, accessible to essential establishments, and can surely suit the lifestyle of your potential buyers. You are pretty sure that

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